Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why the raw diet you meat-eater?

Driving home last night, feeling the sluggish bane and admitted shame of having eaten two, no four pigs in a blanket and various types of cheese at my girlfriend's HSM3 party. That's right, High School Musical 3 board game party. Nevermind that we range in age from 27-33, can't dance or sing, and admittedly love bite size appetizers filled with meat and cheese, we do enjoy our time together and the evening was perfect.
Except for my stomach.
So here we go; my stomach and the reason for this blog. Three weeks ago I was treated in the ER for a serious case of food poisoning. People hear you say, "Oh, I had food poisoning and it really sucked," and they look at you like you told them traffic was bad and that it's no big deal or that you had the stomach flu and threw up a couple of times or hey- maybe you're pregnant (which I'm not). But really, this was a life-altering case of food poisoning and 3 IV bags of fluid and 3 weeks of stomach pain later and wanting to throw up any time I eat too much (still not pregnant, I promise), I was starting to think something might be wrong with me. I turn to my wonderful Christian Naturopath, Dr. Beth, and she tells me I probably have a parasite and/or some bacteria in the lining of my stomach and she sends me a couple of remedies. She also tells me that she wants me to try a raw food diet. The other part of this I should mention is my health history: Dr. Beth and Dr. Michael have been treating me for Chronic Fatigue for the last year, and for the two years before that it was a Dr. in New York who shall remain unnamed as his program put me in the hospital, and before that it was Dr. Cindy from Idaho- who first diagnosed me with a Candida issue and was the first doctor to do a live cell test on my blood. My diagnosis have ranged over the years; my family and my husband have heard so many things I am supposed to try, and this raw food diet is yet another in a long list of crazy diets, handfuls of supplements (160 capsules a day from NY Dr.!) cleansing rituals like enemas and dry-brushing, chiropractors, emotional roller-coasters, etc.
Here is a list of what various doctors say is wrong with me:
Adrenal Fatigue (pre-addisons) means my body doesn't produce cortisol- necessary to controlling your emotions, ability to handle stress, blood sugar, when your body wakes and sleeps... very important! Pre-Addisons means I am at risk for my body never being able to produce cortisol again. Only 1 in 400,000 people have Addisons.
Epstein Barr- like having mono all the time. Thankfully i'm not contagious but it did lead to me giving up my 9-5 job.
Vitamin D Deficiency- most Seattlelites are
Parasite/Bacteria- Dr. Beth says this is the root of all my issues
Compromiseed Immune System
and all of this wraps into a nice little bundle the doctors call "Chronic Fatigue" which most people relate to Fibromyalgia and so therefore they think you are crazy and believe your issues exist solely in your head.
I don't have much more to lose, so I decided to go ahead with the raw food diet. It's my first week transitioning into the diet and it has been so entertaining I decided to start a blog about it.
I am hoping as I go through this adventure, to be able to update my blog and see my progress. Maybe you will too!

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