Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Your diet intimidates me... how do I get started even if I wanted to?

I have heard a few reactions to my blog recently; anything from "I stopped reading when it said, 'NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS' in caps" to, "That's nice that it works for you, but there is no way I could ever do that."
I have to admit that it's not easy to try something new. Making it harder would be the extremist "all-or-nothing mentality" or having fear that whatever you put in your body that might be wrong could harm you.
So, let's not think that way. Let's not focus on what can't be done, but what CAN. If I beat myself up frequently with doubt that I can't do this and fear that I won't do it right, I will never love the raw diet enough to be consistent with it. Let me share with you how easy it is for you to get started eating better with me:
1.) Dust off the juicer that your aunt/sister/daughter/son/relative gave you that sits in your garage/attic/storage area.
2.) If you don't have one, spend $89 at Costco to invest in a Jack LaLane juicer.
3.) While at Costco, buy a 15 pound bag of carrots
4.) While you're there you might as well buy some bananas; after all, they're only $1.27 for like, 3 pounds of them. Enjoy yourself in the produce department. You might say, "Hey, look at the size of these grapes! Maybe I'll get some of those too! What about this bag of avocados?" And it goes on until you have a few items in your cart like spinach, apples, tomatoes, dates and raw almonds. Don't overdo it on your first trip; you want to pace yourself so the next time you are in a produce section you can try a few new things.
5.) Try to juice every day; having at least 50% of your juice be from carrots. Juice only vegetables, and then very last, put in 1/2 an apple. This is what my daily juicing repertoire looks like:
(photo coming soon)
6.) Try to eat a salad every day; be creative and invest $4 in a really good salad dressing that you like. (My favorite is Drew's Smoked Tomato that is gluten and dairy free.)
 And that's it! I'll stop with the numbered list while I'm ahead so you can start small and simple.

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